About Us

There Once Was A Girl.................

Many many moons ago it all started out with a little baby girl. 

Let me explain.........

When she was about 2 years old, for her birthday, a friend gave her an embroidered towel with her name on it. She is one of those kids who has a unique (but not crazy) name and you are never going to find her name on any of those personalized store bought items. So that started my journey into the embroidery world. Initially I bought my designs and made items to share and sell. When I got frustrated with the lack of good designs at a reasonable price I jumped into the digitizing world and began making my own designs. That in turn turned into buying a cutting machine so that I could cut fabric for my applique designs hence saving me valuable time while using my commercial embroidery machine. (See where I'm going with this yet....)

After loving the ease of the cutting machine that does my work for me, I began supplementing my embroidery with vinyl designs to give my projects a unique look. Well my love of all things crafty has continued to grow so now it's only logical to start designing my own cutting files. 

Now that baby girl is in high school (where does the time go) and growing up into a beautiful young lady. The other two monsters I claim and love are my oldest who's in college and the other is a toddler (yes he was planned, just took longer than we expected). 

So you see what was a simple gift turned into so much more. 

If you happen to enjoy embroidery, feel free to stop by www.SewFunFonts.com where you can find several of our cutting files in embroidery formats.

Thanks for inquiring about SVGcutouts!



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